Tuesday 26 July 2016

Kiko Milano Water Eyeshadow in 200 and 208

Last year has been the year of the highlights for me. It was when I bought my first highlighter and became hooked. Since then I've accumulated an good variety of highlighter, from powder to liquid to stick format.

A product I heard worked great as a highlighter but was not sold in Canada were the Kiko Cosmetics Water Eyeshadows. Now, back in high school or even college I'd call myself crazy for even thinking of using an eye shadow as face product, but since then I've broadened my horizons and realized just because the packaging says its for the eyes or lips doesn't necessarily mean you need to follow suit. Plus you'll get more use out of a product if it serves a multiple purpose.

The water eyeshadows come in over 20 shades and can be used wet or dry. Mir managed to hook me up with shades Champagne 200 and Light Gold 208. I found them to be highly pigmented, even when used dry. Sometimes I wish cosmetic companies wouldn't make their products so pretty, I had to force myself to start to use them and disturb the beautiful design.

The product felt soft and silky and left my eyes and cheeks glowing. I was however, disappointed with the amount of microglitter there was in the formula. I would've preferred a matte or sheen finish.

Light gold 208 is the gold shimmer (top 2 swatches), dry and then wet. Champange 200 is a taupe shimmer (bottom 2 swatches), seen dry and then wet. When applied wet the shadows are much more pigmented but whether dry or wet the colour payoff is pretty good and I feel is flattering on all skin tones.

I'm not sure when Kiko will come to Canada (currently their website does not ships to Canada). But when I will be traveling to Vegas next year you can bet that I will make a stop at their physical shop.

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