Tuesday 5 July 2016

CND Nail Rescue Kit

Recently I was in Colorado on holidays and the dry weather there really wrecked havoc on my nails. I found that with every ding to my nail, a corner would snap right off. By the end of the trip I was left with some abstract shaped nails. Luckily for me this package from RevlonPro came just in time, inside this package was CND's nail rescue kit. #CNDRescueKit contained all the nail care products to restore my nails.

Included in the kit:
  • RescueRXx
  • Cuticle Eraser
  • Solar Oil
  • Scrub Fresh
  • 4 Vinylux Polishes in the shades:
    • Be Demure
    • Desert Poppy
    • Date Night
    • Lavender Lace
  • Vinylux Weekly Topcoat
  • Nail file

For comparison I only used the products on my right hand and kept my left bare to see how the products worked. Here is a pic of my nails at the end of my trip:

"A daily keratin treatment that improves nail condition in 1 week."

Rescue RXx is a keratin protein rich solution that is massaged into bare nails twice a day. In addition to the nail strengthening properties of keratin protein, this nail solution contained other nourishing ingredients like sweet almond oil and jojoba oil that help soften and condition the nails.

I found it to have a mildly sweet scent and after 1 week I did feel that the nails on my right hand were more flexible and felt thicker. I believe with consistent use, RescueRXx will help prevent my nails from breaking so easily in the future.

Cuticle Eraser
"A rich blend of alpha-hydroxy acids to micro-exfoliate cuticles and condition  the nail plate and surrounding skin."

I found that this product didn't necessarily "erase" my cuticles but softened them which made it easier to push them back. I liked that the product didn't absorb into the skin too quickly nor did it just sit on the surface, it slowly sunk into my skin and left it feeling soft. The product does contain AHA  (alpha-hydroxy acids) which is known for its exfoliating properties and glycerin and sweet almond oil which help hydrate skin and nails.

Solar Oil
"A sunny blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E that deeply penetrates into nails and cuticles, leaving them conditioned and supple."

I've been a big fan of Solar Oil for many years now, in fact it was the very first bottle of cuticle oil I purchased. Nowadays there are so many brands, mainstream and indie, that offer their blend of cuticle oils, I haven't had the chance to buy a new bottle of Solar Oil since using up the previous bottle. Now that I have received the Solar Oil in the #CNDRescueKit, my love of it has been renewed. Solar Oil contains an abundance of nail hydrating ingredients, but what I love most is the amazing almond scent. The only change I'd wish for would be that the oil came in a more convenient format. Like a twist up applicator pen, the bottle/brush combo is a little difficult to apply when on the go.

Scrub Fresh
"A one-step nail prep that improves adhesion and removes contaminants from the nail plate"

Scrub Fresh was introduced to me during the last CND event, the manicurist there swore by this product and advised me to give it a try to help prolong the wear of my regular and shellac manicures. The instructions advised to use a plastic backed pad and to scrub the products onto the nails and surrounding sidewall areas to totally cleanse and prep the area. I tend to chang nail polish every couple days but I look forward to using this the next time I go away and need my manicure to last.

Vinylux Polishes

Also in the kit were 4 Vinylux polishes from the Summer 2016 Flirtation collection. I actually reviewed the entire collection awhile back and you can see my swatches and read what I thought about the polishes here.

Not shown above but included in the kit was a nail file and the CND Weekly Top Coat, a super glossy, fasting drying topcoat that works in conjunction with Vinylux polishes to help lock in colour and promote long wear.

After a week of much needed TLC from the CND products, here are my nails in its current state. All those little hang nails are gone and the skin around my nails look much more hydrated. The #CNDRescueKit certianly worked its magic and helped restore my nails.

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