Thursday 5 September 2013

Priti NYC Polish

 Launched in 2005 by Kim D'amato.  She created a luxury eco-friendly nail polish to parallel her efforts to switch to organic foods and health products. Let's just say HORRAY since Priti NYC is pretty amazing - it's 5 free and vegan! Free of Toluene, Dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor. It's quite fast drying and glossy.
 From personal experience, some of the formulas are a tad streaky but with top coat it's dries super smooth and extra shiny.
Application was pretty good and there's no problems in coverage or staining from the ones I've tried. Oh and a plus is due to it being 5 free, it's not freaking overwhelmingly stinky! haha. Being a person who usually puts on polish right before bed, that is a big bonus for me not having to smell nail polish as I try to sleep!

They also have a line just for all the little princesses in our lives, non-toxic and super adorable! they come in 8ml and is $9 on their website. You can check out the line here.

Ps. ALOT if not all of Priti NYC's products are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, cruelty-free and vegan. Take a look at their Soy Nail Polish Remover.
Also it brings a BIG smile to my face when I read that Priti NYC is very active with various charities and community events which support women issues and the environment. 
If you want to know more information just click here. I just posted a bit of general information.

Before I begin, I would like to thank Priti NYC for this opportunity. The colours are just so amazing and it was a pleasant surprise to be getting these. They are SO ME and I just LOVE the colours. If you can't tell already I really like purple ;) hehe..

Also, this post is picture heavy hence the line break, why so many pictures you ask? because.. in different lighting the colour changes and they're all so nice I couldn't pick haha..

here we go!

Although I have bottle shots of all four {Bachelor's Buttons, Geisha Girl, Sea Holly and Ginger Snap Orchid} I only have swatches of 3 {Bachelor's Buttons, Geisha Girl and Ginger Snap Orchid}. This is because while swatching I injured my ring finger and it has a pretty deep cut at the side. Removing polish/putting polish on is now unbearably painful. So I will wait for it to heal before swatching Sea Holly* :( sorry. If you look at the pictures you can kind of see the ring finger being kind of wonky and swollen haha.
*ps at the bottom there is a preview swatch of Sea Holly

Bachelor's Buttons is a vivid purple blue creme, just like the flower! It dries a darker blue on the nail.
It took about 3 coats to get full coverage since the coats are a bit thinner. The finish is.. not streaky but you can kind of see the layers... bumpy?? It also dries a bit dull shiny unlike the others. Probably because it's bright, alot of my neons are like that too. In the bottle it's so vivid my camera went berserk just trying to get the right colour.. These pictures show it to be more blue.
Depending on the light, it's either more purple or more blue like above

Geisha Girl is probably my favourite of the bunch. A dusty greyed purple creme - eek I just love it! It had a smooth application, dried quickly and was glossy and smooth from start to finish. It took 2 coats for full coverage. It's not too greyed out or bright so it makes it quite versatile - good for many ocassions. Although you can say the colour is 'common' I can NEVER have enough variations of this colour! In the pictures it seems more blue-toned than it is. But the following captures just proves my points, I need soo many pictures to show off the colour as it looks different all the time!

This is probably the closest to IRL colour 

Ginger Snap Orchid is a pale pink taupe with a silver shimmer. The colour is great, I usually like wearing what I call pale putty colours to job interviews or dinners when I can't decide on a colour lol! 
It took 2 coats for full coverage. It's a bit on the thick side but not streaky. The shimmer is noticeable even though it's subtle, which is a plus for me since Essie colours usually have a great shimmer in the bottle but never shows up on the nail. In the pictures and on the nail it's more of a pale taupe as my skintone washes out the pink but the closest to its bottle colour is actually the picture showing the brush!! (go figure)

See that silver shimmer? Love it!
Should have done this for all the colours but this is a picture of the brush, it's an average size w/ a flat tip

Randomly, I did find a picture of a rough pre-clean up picture of me wearing Sea Holly..This was ONE layer without base or top coat. I think I just wore it right after I took it out of the package just because I am so handsy ;) I've decided to include it here just for kicks but please look away if you hate pre-clean up manicures. Also my cuticles aren't looking it's best but I apologize, been through so much stress...  My hands are actually worse now as I pretty much broke all my nails roughing it in the outdoors during a week's worth of camping. Despite that.. I repeat ONE layer incase you missed that. It's super pigmented and goes on super smooth.. I cannot wait to swatch it..!

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These products were sent in exchange for my honest review.