Monday 9 September 2013

KKCenterHk Stamping Plate Hello Kitty F13

Hello again friends! Today I have another stamping plate send over to review from KKCenterHk.

Our previous reviews of KKCenterHk's paper eyelashes review can be read here and  their scraper/stamper and plate QA11 can be read here. This post will feature N.NAIL Hello Kitty KT Heart Bow Flower Doll Stamping Plate. This plate is priced at $5.05USD and contains 11 Hello Kitty themed images. The pattern on the bottom right appears to be upside down...I wasn't quite sure what it was at first but I think it's the shape of a bear.

Source: KKCenterHk
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The image plate came in a ziplock bag and had the usual blue protective covering:

Don't forget to remove the blue protective layer before you start stamping:

All the images were etched very precise and deep onto the plate. I cannot stress enough how important this detail is, it really makes or breaks the success of the plate. In the past I've bought cheaper plates and had such horrible luck with them. I was doing all the steps correctly but didn't understand why my polish wasn't picking up. I realized that the images were not etched deep enough causing only a thin amount of polish transferring onto my stamper. Goes to show, you get what you pay for!

All the images stamped up very well, I was impressed with the small details that were picked up like the little dots on the strawberry between the letters K & T and the small polka dots on the big bow.

Here is what I came up with (still got a lot of practicing of stamping ahead of me!):

KKCenterHk offers worldwide shipping, shipping prices and times are dependent on where you are located. They not only sell nail items, they also have cosmetics, wigs, false eyelashes and clothing. They were extremely kind enough to give our readers a 10% coupon code. Just put the code ampolishes while checking out, this code is good until the end of the year!


I would love to know what goodies you pick up!