Saturday 21 May 2016

Born Pretty Store Pearl High Heel Nail Charms Review

Greetings! Awhile back Born Pretty Store sent me a package of some nail charms to review. Today I have the Pearl High Heel Nails Charms in gold (item #24084). The two things I like most about Born Pretty Store is the variety of items they have on their site and their modest prices. These charms are no different, measuring in approximately 1.1cm wide these little high heel charms have clusters of pearl that add to their character and looks absolutely adorable.

However, I thought that the size of the charms were too big for my nail and weren't nearly as curved as I would've liked them to be. They were too bulky on my nails, almost ridiculously so. They were too wide and hung off my nail and because they stuck up so much it caught onto things easily so I had to take them off fairly quickly as I knew it probably wouldn't take much to tear them off my nails. I think these charms would work best in conjunction with acrylics or with someone with a flatter nail bed and longer nails.

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*** These products were provided in exchange for my honest review.***

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