Sunday 15 November 2015

Born Pretty Store Assorted Nail Art Studs Review

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I'm excited to share another Born Pretty Store product with you all. In case you didn't know, Born Pretty Store is an online e-shop that sells nail art and other great products ranging from accessories for your electronics to clothing and jewelry at affordable prices. But best part is that they have free worldwide shipping in addition to that you can use our coupon code for 10% off regular priced items. So don't forget to use our code AMPK31 for 10% off.

This time around I have an assorted shapes nail art wheel (item #12410) to review. This wheel contains 12 different shaped and coloured studs. These shapes include stars, hearts, teardrops, ovals, circles and squares in silver or gold. There is a total of 300 pcs and is priced at $3.95USD but is currently on sale for $2.96USD, definitely worth the money for the amount and variation you get.

I love the variety of the shapes included in this products and how organized the wheel made everything. I was able to select and pick up the studs I wanted to with easy thanks to the open window that spins around.

Source: Born Pretty Store

Click to see some more manis I created with these studs...

If you plan on checking out Born Pretty Store and can't resist the urge to purchase some goodies use our code "AMPK31" to receive 10% off regular priced items!

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*** These products were provided in exchange for my honest review.***

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