Tuesday 14 July 2015

Lady Queen Nautical Nail Charm Review

Hello all! I'm very excited to introduce a new online store that specializes in nail accessories at very reasonable prices. Lady Queen is an online superstore that sells anything nail art related as well as makeup and tools, jewelry, apparel, hair accessories, bags, and assorted home/garden items. Shipping is free worldwide.

I was approached by Lady Queen to review some of their items and to be honest I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of items to choose from. Eventually I picked out two items, one of which was the Nautical Dangling Nail Charm (item #NA0159 or style B1-1 in the image below). The charms are sold separately and are priced at $0.99USD.

Source: Lady Queen

As noted in the image above the charm measures 7mm x 20mm, at first I was worried the charm would be obnoxiously over-sized but when I had it on my nail it didn't end up being as large as I imaged. I work in an environment where I constantly have to wash my hands so realistically I wouldn't wear a dangling charm to work or on a daily basis. I thought it looked cute on the nail but I felt that I had to constantly make sure the piece that dangled wasn't in the way. Practically speaking, I feel like I would get much more use out of the charm if I removed the connecting ring and wore the steering wheel and anchor separately. They're awfully cute on their own as well.

Lady Queen is definitely worth checking out, as they are based in Asia shipping may take up to 3-6 weeks depending on where you are located. But for the prices you're paying, it is worth the wait. Lady Queen was very kind enough to offer our readers/followers a 15% off code for regular priced items. Be sure to enter the code "AWLC15" to get 15% off!

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*** These products were provided in exchange for my honest review.***

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  1. Your nails are so beautiful! It's remind me of the ocean immediately~