Sunday 12 April 2015

Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Poe


Today's post features Kat Von D's Poe lipstick. It's described as a shimmery navy.
It's definitely a navy but it's also... I would say bright and eye-catching. It's packed with a fine shimmer/glitter of purple, blue etc.

First off, KVD's packaging always gets me! Stylish with edge. love.. and her logo is beautiful!
Hinted in the name, the package has a slightly raised studded design with the name and colour logo on the top of it. Easy for storage and display (major plus).

The lipstick tube itself also 'studded' with the KVD logo stamped on the top. I forgot a picture of the bottom but it shows the name on a corresponding coloured label.

The lipstick itself is also stamped with a KVD logo. Almost made me not want to use it to preserve the design (Have I told you, I am a sucker for packaging?)
The colour is a deep blue with pink/purple shimmer or fine glitter. In some lights the colour leans burple but on the lips it shows a predominant blue. The shimmer does show up on the lips but not as defined as it is in the tube. The pigmentation is good and the formula is not very streaky but there's a huge con. Due to the finish of this product. The shimmers leave a gritty feeling on your lips. It's quite fine but it really bothers me. Also the lipstick after one use is no longer smooth and also looks super gritty. If you can bypass this, then that's great! But for me, it was a deal breaker. The glitter payoff < the grit. Maybe I kept rubbing my lips due to the grit but it was a bit drying for me. I didn't test for wear because I took it off after an hour or so (sorry). 

Natural Light: Left - One swipe / Right: Two swipes
Flash: Left - One swipe / Right: Two swipes

Look at that grit!
With flash, shows the shimmer / fine glitter much better

Dark lipsticks always makes me look super pale haha

Product: Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Poe
Where: Sephora
Price: $21 CAD
Overall: 3/5 All points are awarded to the packaging and colour uniqueness but the grittiness was too much for me. Although the colour pay-off is good, it wouldn't be a frequent item I would use and for the price tag, the grit would be a deal breaker for me. I could probably find a dupe in a lower price range (without the glitter).

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