Wednesday 25 February 2015

Born Pretty Store 230pc Round Duochrome Rhinestones

On the blog today I have a review of another nail art product from Born Pretty Store, the ultimate one stop shop for nail art essentials. They provide free international shipping and really competitive prices for the assortment of products they sell.

I received the 230Pcs/Box Newly Round Rhinestone Flat Back Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Decoration Hot Selling Wheel (item ID #16674) to review. The product came in a convenient nail art wheel and consisted of 4 different sizes of gorgeous round duochrome rhinestones varying from 2-4mm in size. The rhinestones are regularly priced at $3.41USD but is currently on sale for $2.90USD.

Source: Born Pretty Store

The nail art wheel kept all the different size rhinestones organized and made it very easy to pick up the size of rhinestones I wanted to work with. My usual method is to shake out a couple rhinestones and have them lie facing up to make it easier and more efficient to pick them up/place them on the nail. I do a thick layer of polish and when the polish is still wet or gooey I push the rhinestones in place. Personally I find topcoats dull the shine and sometimes causes bubbles about the rhinestone. However, that could just be the brand I use which cases this issue.

Click to see how I used these rhinestones...

Unfortunately my camera could not pick up how beautiful and shiny the rhinestones were, I actually had a lady stop my and ask to see my nails! I don't blame her, they were so pretty and shiny they were distracting me too.

Look at that duochrome goodness!

If you plan on checking out Born Pretty Store and can't resist the urge to purchase some goodies use our code "AMPK31" to receive 10% off your purchase!

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*** These products were provided in exchange for my honest review.*** 

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