Saturday 22 February 2014

L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Colours

Hi everyone!

I have a (forced) guest post to share today hehe. I was eyeing the L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Colours (suchhhhh a long name..I'll just call them liquid lipsticks sorry.) the other day but I couldn't bring myself to purchase so many (I'm a cheapo ok?), so when I heard my friend was buying them I made her give me the images below! haha..

I myself have Purple Prelude which I adore.. I call it a liquid lipstick because although it has a shiny gloss finish and a gloss consistency, it's highly pigmented and rich like a lipstick. 
Coverage is great but the wear time is quite short, lasting only around 2 hours before having the feeling of needing to reapply.
The liquid lipsticks have a light fruity scent which I like..might be a problem for people who don't like scents. They're not sticky, just slightly tacky. It doesn't dry out and leaves the lips still feeling plush. It has a nice consistency.. doesn't bleed into your lip lines but you have to be careful with not glopping it on or else it'll pool slightly around the edges. So remember a little goes a long way (for a short while)!

You think these are windows but they're NOT! They're LIESS :o
Hmm what else.. Oh! The colour on the outside of the packaging.. is ACTUALLY reflective of the colour inside the tube. Although it looks like it has a window to see inside, it is actually not (unlike the YSL Glossy Stains...which I LOVEEEE looking at in stores but I digress..)..
On the top is a coloured label w/ the name and number of the product (good for storage). The tube itself is a reflective gold, it's quite sleek but it's a magnet for smudges and finger prints (boo). The bottom and the side also has a representation of the colour inside, so you can pretty much store it any which way and still know what colour it is!

Are you tired of my ramblings yet? click below for the swatches! haha..

Overall, we both like the product very well, we're loving the new releases we're seeing by the drugstore brands lately..goodbye money.
Nude lips for reference
Most of them look pretty nude on her, mostly due to her naturally pigmented and darker lips. Purple Prelude was much brighter on me than her, but there are enough variations in the collection for everyone to find a colour they like!  All photos were taken with a Samsung Note...2? phone camera. Except mine which was taken with a Canon PowerShot A3500. Anyway thank you B for doing all this! Comment on our blog if you want to know anymore details! I can message her =)

Nude Ballet:

Blushing Harmony: 

Molto Mauve: 


Purple Prelude:

Purple prelude on me, w/ flash 
Fuchsia Orchestra:


Thank you to my friend Trellasaur, I posted a bit of info below on two other colours from this line. Mainly her words, I paraphrased a bit. lol....
1. Scarlet Concerto - The colour "window" is actually not accurate to the other within - unlike the colours I have shown above (sadface). The colour "window" is a beautiful rich dark red but the actual liquid lipstick itself is a much brighter warm red, still lovely though. 
2. Plum Adagio - It is a heart-stoppingly vampy dark plum. Just as deep as you'd expect based off the colour "window".

Edit 2:
Say hello to the beautiful Trella. 
Thank you again my Trellasaur!!! She provided a picture of Scarlet Concerto.
On the top left.. the colour dot on the top is the colour "window" colour on the packaging and the dot underneath is the colour actually on the lips. I must say there is quite a difference in shades especially if someone is drawn to the darkness of the red.
"I just expected it to be that deeper, more brick-red that shows in the window, my lips look much brighter to me."

These can be found at drugstores and where-ever you can find L'Oreal products I bet. My friend got them from Shoppers Drug Mart. 
They retail for 11.99CAD (if I remembered correctly) for 5.5 ml / 0.18 fl oz.