Wednesday 22 January 2014

Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish Blue My Mind

Today I have Sally Hansen Salon Gel Polish in Blue My Mind to share with you all. Normally gel polishes are not incorporated into my manicure routine because I change polishes so often and the gel application and removal processes take longer than with regular polish. Although, I do think gel polishes work really well for individuals who (are not crazy addicts like me that change their polishes 3-4 times a week) like to keep one colour on their nails for a long period of time without having the polish chip.

Onto the polish...the package contains one 7ml bottle of polish and an instruction sheet. The package boasts salon quality, up to 2 weeks wear time with no chips and a mirror shine. It also indicates that a LED lamp must be used with the gel polish. I only own a UV lamp and I didn't want to go out of my way purchase a LED lamp just to try this polish so I tried the UV lamp and ended up successfully curing the polish but instead of the 30sec it recommends for a LED lamp I had to cure it under the UV light for 2 minutes.

I followed the instruction sheet paying extra attention to buffing and cleaning the surfaces of my nails before I started the polish application. The most important aspect that helps create a successful gel manicure is working with a clean base and making sure none of the polish touches your skin or cuticles and to cap the free edge, otherwise over time the polish will start to lift. I forgot to do that with my right thumb and the polish peeled on the third day. Here is what the manicure first looked like when I was done:

Check out how long this mani lasted!

On the 3rd day, the polish on my thumb lifted because I forgot to cap the edge:

Here is it on the 10th day. Amazingly there were no chips and the polish remained nice and glossy:

Here is there manicure on the 14th day, 2 weeks exactly. There was very slight lifting on my middle finger near the cuticle:

Additional Info:
Each polish is 0.25 fl oz / 7 ml in size and priced at $14.95 MSRP. The collection contains 5 new shades and will be released February 2014 and will be available in most drugs stores across Canada.
For more information, visit Sally Hansen here. Check out their Facebook here.

Overall, I was really impressed with the gel polish. It lasted the 2 weeks it claimed and didn't chip at all (except for the thumb, but that was my fault because I forgot to cap the free edge.) I would definitely like to try more colours from the collection although I'd wait for a sale or special because $14.95CDN for a bottle is a little steep for only 7ml of product.

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