Thursday 31 January 2013

It's ALIVE!! - Frankening Experimentation #1

Hey Everyone!

It's been a while hasn't it? haha my apologies. My BB (blackberry) screen died then I decided to get a camera for better quality pictures but I'm still learning on how to use it so my pictures don't turn out all yellow/orange or whitewashed by the flash!! oh blogging problems..

Okay, so other than spending my time being clueless about technology..I tried frankening!! yes just call me Dr. Mir-stein.

Basically Frankening is mixing your own polish concoction. It's super easy to do.
Take a few unwanted / almost empty colours and get creative!

Some tips which might be helpful that I learned from my first time:

-Don't mix complementary colours (colours opposite of the colour wheel), such as red & green, blue & orange, purple & yellow.. you'll just end up with a grey or brown mess.. unless that's your thing..if so , then mix all the colours!!
- Always find an area which won't be ruined by polish / acetone or use a tray.
- It might get messy, so keep a bowl of acetone / nail polish remover out to dip fingers or else all your bottles etc will get polish prints on it                                                 
- for emptying polish you don't want, such as emptying a colour for its bottle, take another bowl and fill it with cotton to absorb the polish for easier clean up
- be in a well ventilated area!!! 
- don't decide to franken if you have on a manicure you just did or wanted to keep (hehe learnt the hard way) Or be smart and wear gloves lol :)

Hope some of those tips help you, there are so much more but maybe one day later, we'll have a more extensive post up. 

It's Alive!!
Anyway back to my experiment.

I went to a friend's house and she was going to throw away alot of half used polishes, so of course I took them!! I thinned some out for her and the ones she didn't want I kept. There were alot of pinks and reds...not really my style so I thought "Why not Franken!??" 

I set up my tray which included:
  • A bowl for acetone / nail polish remover
  • Acetone / nail polish remover
  • a bowl filled with cotton
  • extra cotton balls for clean up and spills
  • the polishes I want to franken with
  • empty polish bottles for my creations (optional) 
  • pieces of scrap paper for testing (or use your nails)

During my experiment, it got really messy. Mainly because as I was pouring the mixing balls kept flying everywhere hahaa, good thing I had a lot of acetone / cotton balls!

For this particular franken, I used 3 polishes: bright teal, black, pink shimmer (all by Sally Hansen)
I took an empty NOPI bottle (15ml) & poured almost 3/4 full of the bright teal.
Then I added a few drops of black, shook it and repeated adding more black and shaking it until I reached a colour I like. Sometimes the colour you see may not be the colour it actually is, so just test it on a piece of paper!
After I thought it was boring and I had a bit of space left, so I poured in a bit of the pink shimmer & to my surprise, I really liked it. Sadly there wasn't anymore room & I didn't have much left so it's actually not noticeable on the nail .. ^_^ I will just have to add more after I use this colour for a few manicures. 

I really liked the outcome, so yay! 

Sorry for the lack of detail / pictures of my process.. just did it out of a whim..! But I posted a few pictures of the Franken below..I couldn't really capture the faint pink shimmer but oh well.. excuse the accent nails, i tried to see what looks nice and i think.. it's best plain!
Left hand w/ OPI's The Living Daylights accent nail

right hand with Joe Fresh's Twilight accent nail
application: no basecoat, 2 coats of Frankened colour, no topcoat..
just a messy manicure to show the colour :)

So tell me, have you ever tried frankening ?? what colours / types did you come up with?
I might make a few more tonight since it is a super snowy day outside!! 

- Mir


  1. this is an interesting idea! I really love all my polishes, so I wouldn't be too likely to do this ... but I have one brown polish.. might mix well with a gold shimmer or something :)

    1. hahah, if you find some cheapo ones for sale, you could franken with those too.. ^_^..
      brown w/ a gold shimmer would be so pretty!

      - M

  2. Great idea! I just tossed some polishes. Wish I had kept them to try this out. Beautiful job! :)

    1. Thank you Stephanie! I hope you do it next time :) and show us! We'd love to see it.

      - M

  3. Really cool idea, Mir! I can't wait to get close to the bottom of a polish. The closest I'll get is with a base or topcoat. lol I switch them up so often!

    1. hehe me too Therese.. keep them for empty bottles for better mixing :) ..
      Maybe think of a finish / colour you want to make and keep painting your nails w/ the polish you need to get them close to the bottom haha!! :P

  4. Just nominated you for a Liebster award!

  5. Hi ladies! I just nominated you for a Liebster award as well! (looks like Priscilla beat me to it!)