Tuesday 11 December 2012

It's Like Candy For Your Nails! - Club Nail Polish

Hi peeps!
 I have a little info on an up and coming nail polish subscription service which is also available for Canadians! I know there are a few out there but not many are available to us such as Nail Art Society & Square Hue. The other one available to us is Julep, feel free to comment below if you're interested in a link & referral code!

Anyway, back to Club Nail Polish!

I will copy and paste a message I received from Gerry of CNP about the exciting service, soon to be available to us :)

http://clubnailpolish.com "It's Like Candy For Your Nails!"

What we are...
We are a "Nail Polish Of The Month Club"
There are 3 different monthly subscriptions.
Pretty little packages will be sent out by the 15th of each month
The nail polish is a secret even though we try to not send out the color you hate the most, if you hate any at all.
You will be able to cancel anytime
It will be available to Canada & USA
We hope to launch very soon. In the meantime we have a Pre-Launch sign-up going on. You can find it here.
http://www.facebook.com/pages/clubnailpolish/472731602748898?sk=app_100265896690345So stay tuned, ears perky and ponytails bushy!
We're ClubNailPolish.com
"It's Like Candy For Your Nails!"

It sounds really cute, I've already pre-signed up and filled out my info. Hope to see some ation soon
- Mir


  1. Hmm..I guess we shall see. How will this affect my no spend?

    1. lol Aleks, why would you put yourself on a no spend?? it's dangerous around us ;)

  2. I pre-signed as well. Have not heard anything yet.

    1. I follow their facebook and they said they're still working on it.. lol
      I think they're taking hints on other boxes to make the "ultimate" sub.. so we'll see :)
      looks very promising!

  3. It's getting closer to open than you know!