Monday 2 September 2013

KKCenterHk Stamper, Scraper and Stamping Plate QA11

Hello again friends! I hope you all had an awesome long weekend. I'm back again with another post. Today I'm very excited to share with you all some goodies KKCenterHk sent over. Last time we reviewed their paper eyelashes (post can be read here)...this time around we were sent 2 nail plates and a scraper/stamper to review. In this post I will be featuring their N.Nail Mini Size Iron Scraper & Size Stamp Set and their N.QA11 N.NAIL Ethnic Style Lace Cat Stripe Stamp Template Plate.

The scraper and stamper set is priced at $4.50USD and comes with plastic scraper 3cm in length and a stamper 2.3cm in diameter. The item pages lists the scraper material to be iron but the one that I received was all plastic. Typically when I stamp I like to use an old gift card or a very rigid piece of paper because I found that the metal scraper really scratched my plates and over time it made my plates look like a hot mess. So I was pretty pleased to try out this all plastic scrapper.

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Here is a side by side comparasion of the stamper and scraper from KKCenterHk and Konad. As you can tell they're pretty much identical in size and material except the KKCenterHk scraper is all plastic.

L-R: KKCenterHk stamper and Konad stamper
L-R: Konad scraper and KKCenterHK scraper

While the plastic scraper did not scratch the plate at all I found the plastic edge to be a tad on the flimsy side because if I didn't position the scraper in a certain way or if I applied too much pressure while scraping it either scraped off too much polish or not enough from the image. But I still prefer it over the metal scrapper even though it does require a little more patience to work with.

Source: KKCenterHK
 The Ethnic Style Lace Cat Stripe Stamp Template Plate contains 9 images, 3 of which are cats, 4 are full nail sized Aztec style images and 2 are patterned stripes. This plate is regularly $5.05USD but is currently on sale for $3.99USD. On the product page, the plate is square but the plate I received was hexagon in shape and contained all the images it was supposed to.

The image plate came in a ziplock bag and had the usual blue protective covering:

Be sure to remove the protective layer before trying to use the plate!

Ready to use:

I found that the patterns were nicely etched and I was mostly able to pick up the patterns nicely. I only had a little difficultly picking up the super fine details in some of the patterns. Although I think it could have been that the polish I was using to stamp with was a little on the thin side.

I still need a lot of practice stamping but here is what I came up with:

Overall I thought that the scraper and stamper worked really well, I just wished that the edge of the scraper could've been more rigid. I liked all the images on the QA11 plate as well

KKCenterHK not only sells nail items, they also have cosmetics, wigs, false eyelashes and clothing. They were extremely kind enough to give our readers a 10% coupon code. Just put the code ampolishes while checking out, this code is good until the end of the year!

I would love to know what goodies you pick up!

*** These products were provided in exchange for my honest review.***

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