Sunday 22 September 2013

Butter LONDON Lippy Gloss in Swish & Wag

Hi everyone!

Before I posted a preview on Butter London's lippy gloss collection. Today I have two to swatch for you!

Wag is described as a sheer, peachy pink shimmer with gold flecks, to me it's more of a rose pink gloss with a golden shimmer. I find it more pink than peachy ( and now I really want to compare it to Punch Up! as it's supposed to be the strawberry pink version of Wag!)

Swish is described as a sheer apricot shimmer, to me it's more a champagne beige gloss with a silver shimmer. But apricot is a good descriptor.

They both have a super sweet vanilla? scent but doesn't last on the lips.
They both have a brush applicator which stays in tact without blobbing on the gloss.
It's a little tacky without being overly sticky. Overall a good gloss. I also like the size and the fact that is not the typical round container. (Random I know haha)

pictured: Wag - for brush

On the hand swatches you can see the difference but on the lips since they are pink tinted they look the same minus one has a silver shimmer and the other has a golden shimmer! Wag with the golden shimmer matches my complexion well!

Products were given in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

If you like these, I have found them on sale (on the site of course) and at The Bay retailing for $22 CDN. :)


Check it out:
butter LONDON Canada's website
butter LONDON Canada's Facebook

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