Sunday 28 April 2013

Tony Moly - G105

Today I'm showing off a polish from the Korean brand Tony Moly!!

beautiful isn't it?

A Tony Moly store just recently opened at the asian mall Pacific Mall!! I was super excited since I love their stuff. As you may know, I buy a ton of products due to their packaging and there is nothing cuter than Asian branded products!!! They totally make it hard to resist!. If you don't believe me, just google 
"Etude House Princess Etoinette Collection" or Etude House Missing You I Can Fly hand cream".
You will NOT be disappointed in the utter cuteness ;) but please don't come yell at me if you happen to quickly run off and purchase these products lol!

Before the opening of the store, I was already trying to peek through the curtains to look but of course the meanies told me they weren't opened and to stop trying to peek heehhe.. 
When they finally opened, I bee-lined to the polish section. The store was SUPER small but they had about 4 rows of polishes right by the cash, sadly none of the cute ones I like (like the Glitter In The Air dupe and all the cute glitters!) but being the polish-aholic I am, I had to pick up something! Also they had a store opening sale, so no resistance here at all!
This polish was supposed to be like $5, but I think I picked it up for like $3.50 or $4.
cute cap suckered me in ;)
I decided on a glitter since it's spring and I can't wait to do more glitter manicures (my favourite!)
G105 is a mix of blue and teal-ish green hexagonal glitters of various sizes in a clear base. It probably easily dupable and nothing really exciting but I just love these types.

Although a simple polish, it is jam-packed, great spread of glitter in 1-2 coats.

 On to many many pictures of G105:

I love how it looks in the bottle!

w/ flash to show colours better

against sunlight

a close up of swatch stick against white paper

Tony Moly was bought from the Tony Moly flagship store at Pacific Mall, I am unsure where else you can pick this up. I do believe a few online retailers do carry Asian Brands but since I haven't personally used any, no recommendation at the moment.

Stay Happy!



  1. I feel your excited. The polish looked sparkling and beautiful... how many ml in the bottle ? 8ml ?

    1. haha yes I am! I over use "!" but I just can't help it lol.. It doesn't state the mL on the bottle but I do think around 10ml at least..

      - Mir

  2. Oooh I love it Mir. i hope i get you for a swap in our group some time!!! Michelle Binette :)

  3. this polish reminds me of freeze machine from Enchanted

    1. They do look similar, both very nice! - Mir

  4. I'm so jealous that there's a Tony Moly by you! I can't wait to go back to Korea... haha

    1. I am so happy they opened one here,, and a Holika Holika! .. can't wait for Etude House!

      But you are going back to Korea soon, I am even more jealous my korean correspondent ;) - Mir

  5. I have one tony moly polish. They are nice!

    1. yeah! I hope to get more, especially the ones I've seen on the net...and good price too ;)