Thursday 6 March 2014

Kinetics Hello, Ice Cream Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Part 1

Hello again friends! Today I have some swatches from Kinetics Nail Systems Hello, Ice Cream! Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Just the words ice cream, spring, summer puts my mind at ease knowing this brutal winter will eventually come to an end...hopefully sooner than later. Here is what the company has to say about this awesome collection:

"Hello, Ice Cream! collection consists of six beautiful and fresh colors. Inspired by the latest fashion trend of Pastel Neons, as featured on many designer runway shows - the wearable hues are a fun and practical way to embrace energy and playfulness.

Each of the unique six shades are drenched in color and charged with matte effect, uniquely created for tasteful degustations for all fashionistas."

Today I will be reviewing the three polishes on the right in the picture above, Raspberry Cream, Very Berry and Blueberry Biscuit. I love all their media banners for this collection, the graphics and designs are so cute.

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Raspberry Cream 
I have to say the press picture provided and my swatches do no depict the true colour of this polish. In the bottle it is much more brighter and more neon with a touch of a coral tint to it. As expected the coverage and application was amazing, I used two coats for my swatches. Usually light coloured matte polishes can be nightmare and super streaky but the formula for this shade was great!

How cute!

Very Berry
Again, the press picture is very deceiving because it is quite off from what the actual color looks like. Even in my swatches it doesn't depict 100% what it looks like. I find that with a lot of matte finish polishes the dried polish always looks a little lighter than the polish inside the bottle. I tried my best to capture the true color. I used two layers to get complete coverage. Awesome formula for this shade as well.

Blueberry Biscuit
Not to sure why this polish is named after a blue fruit when it is clearly purple. Nevertheless its great shade of purple. The press release picture is way off, in the pres picture the purple is much darker whereas in reality its a lighter pinkish purple. Again, I used two layers to get complete opacity.

Each bottle is 15ml/ 0.5fl oz in size. The studs in the Raspberry Cream and Very Berry swatches are from the Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art Embellishment Studs Kit.

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*** These products were provided in exchange for my honest review.***

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