Saturday 28 December 2013

Sally Hansen Satin Glam Chic Pink and Crystalline

We are back to our regular programming! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Last week southern Ontario was hit with an awful ice storm and we were without power for a couple days. It was pretty scary knowing so many homes were effected when the temperature dropped to -21 degrees one night. It was so sad to see so many trees frozen in place or completely ruined by the weight of the ice on the branches. This was a poor tree on my street, so thankful it didn't fall on my neighbour's roof!

Thankfully our power came back before Christmas day. We were able to celebrate in the warmth of our own home and extremely grateful for friends and family...and little things we take for granted, like power.

A week or two ago we received a bunch of Sally Hansen press sample package and now that we have power back we are slowly but surely sharing what we received. Today on the blog is Sally Hansen's Satin Glam in Chic Pink and Crystalline. Sally Hansen describes the collection as:

"An innovative new line of special  effect polishes that brush on glossy before immediately drying to a satin finish."

"Formula is infused with tiny pearl particles to add a high luster and satin ribbon glow, while the rich, saturated pigments result in an intense colour look."

While I've loved Sally Hansen before my polish obsession started I must admit that the varying bottle shapes for every new collection does kind of irk the OCD in me when I line them up in my melmer. Although I must say that the bottle shape for this collection is pretty cute, I think it's the same bottles they used for the Lustre Shine collection. Onto the swatches...

Click to see and

Chic Pink
Chic Pink is a sort of like a carmine pink with silver white shimmer when in direct light. It isn't a shade I would personally pick out since pinks aren't too much of my thing and I felt this shade especially made my hands look darker. I used two layers to achieve opacity, the polish dried quite quickly and did feel smooth and satin like as the name claims. I did use a layer of topcoat to see if it would change the look of the polish at all but all it did was change the polish from a matte to a shiny finish.

The topcoat added a little shine but the colour remained the same

Crystalline is a sheer mulch-dimensional satin polish that really glows in direct light. It was difficult to really capture how pretty this polish was. In direct light you can see a gorgeous variety of shimmer ranging from blue, purple and copper tones. I used two layers for my swatches below, the polish dried quite quickly and felt pretty smooth and satiny.

I decided to try Crystalline over black to see if there was some sort of special duochrome effect but as you can tell from my swatches the polish didn't really change too much. It did bring out the blue shimmer though. I even tried a topcoat over it all but that didn't do anything to the polish either.

Additional Info:
Each polish is 0.33 fl oz / 10 ml in size and priced at $7.95 MSRP. The collection contains 8 new shades and will be released February 2014 and will be available in most drugs stores across Canada.
For more information, visit Sally Hansen here. Check out their Facebook here.

Hope you all have power back and you were reading this post in your warm and toasty home!

Until next time,

***Products were sent for review in exchange for our honest opinions***


  1. Oh! I've never seen these, but it looks pretty over black! :) Glad you are back and powered up.

  2. I bought these in gold, silver and black and I just LOVE them! They almost look as if they are textured, but they are very smooth as you said.
    We've had the cold weather here where I am in the states, but thankfully no ice storms. Scary stuff - glad you are warm again!

    1. I haven't seen them in store around here yet but I would love to try more shades.