Monday 14 October 2013

Butter LONDON - WINK Eye Pencil in Indigo Punk

As mentioned before Butter LONDON has created a cosmetics line which came out recently.
Items such as coloured eyeliner, mascara, cream eyeshadows, lippies, tinted balms, & cream blushes. I am sure they'll have other variations as well. Right now the items seem very promising - they go on smoothly, they are pigmented and they have lasting power. (Snuck to an Ulta to check out a few items!)..and of course trying them out myself!

I review two of their lippies here: Click Me! 

Today I will be showing you WINK Eye Pencil in Indigo Punk. 
It is described as "Violet shimmer. Deep purple anything - a punk rock obsession.".
An obsession, yes it might be one. I love love purple eye products, my #1 being purple mascara which I don't have at the moment to show you... but I just LOVE IT. I tried many many brands over the years and my favourite is STILL Red Earth's V2 Purple mascara which sadly I have to say is no longer available..*cry*. No other brand has stood up to the intensity of it...hopefully I will be able to get my hands on the butter LONDON version soon to test it up!!! But enough rambling lol!

 First, let's start off with packaging.. It's totally cute! The outside is a matte-ish smooth black with a design on the side. Inside has the signature butter london design. There's a sticker that clearly shows what's inside the box, so Indigo Punk has a purple sticker, Inky Six would have a blue etc..

The liner itself is a simple eyeliner - black in design w/ a cap. It has a coloured tip to show you the colour. When new, it has a rounded tip which provides smooth application.

I really like this eye pencil. I do prefer pencil for my eyeliner with a liquid overlay but with this colour I couldn't! *hint hint - maybe liquid eyeliners next??)...
 It does take 2 strokes for build up due to its texture.. it feels 'gel-ish' and it recommends giving time to set. I didn't test it for 24 hours ( I couldn't stay up that long anymore!!) but I think I had it on for about 14 hours? and although it had a bit of fading (due to my oily lids) it lasted!

I wore it alone for more of a fresh lightened look & I wore it smudged with black for a darker edgier look. My skills are limited but trust me, the colour is gorg..
Someone pointed to me that it seems to have different intensity in the two looks I did, It is because in the picture with black eyeliner also, I stroke it twice! (as I was saying - the build up)..

Top pic: Using Indigo Punk by itself with Laura Mercier mascara & a Sephora silver smudgestick on the inner corner, Indigo Punk on outer lower lash. 
Bottom pic: Using Indigo Punk by itself with Laura Mercier mascara, Indigo Punk on outer lower lash. 

After 14-15 hours of wear: a day of shopping, cooking, a job interview, a nap, dinner and open window driving ...(fun day right? :P)

Notice the bit of wear but when my eyes are opened you can hardly tell!

Using Indigo Punk lined with Sephora Flashy Black eyeliner & Laura Mercier mascara. Lower lash lined with Indigo Punk on outer edge. 

A purple eyeliner gives a soft makeup look yet doesn't wash me out. Picture includes butter LONDON's wag on my lips.. lol.. 
Not a big fan of showing my face but I really like how everything was purple!! I did switch into a purple shirt after too ^^..
This was before all the face stuff! so ignore the eyebags / discolouration :(
Usually I put a purple blob on these pictures but.... not for this :P enjoy..

Wink Eye Pencil is sold on
Size: 0.04oz / 1.2g
Retails for $20.00 CAD

Products were given in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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