Monday 10 June 2013

FACE Stockholm Holographic Collection: Thea

FACE Stockholm: Holographic Nail Polish - Over the Rainbow

A new dimension in nail color, this special effect polish offers high impact holographic shimmer.   Each shade captures the light to reveal a full spectrum of radiant, iridescent color combinations.   Like a kaleidoscope, diamond or prism, at every turn a new multi-dimensional world of color is unveiled.  Make a move and flash every color of the rainbow and beyond.   Formaldehyde, toluene and DBP-free.

Today, I have Thea, a beautiful green holographic shade. 

do you like my attempt at a banner? :)

I really don't know what to say other than I LOVE IT (may be biased for holographic polishes) =))). I just love love love holographics hehe.

FACE Stockholm came out with such a great holographic collection! Thank you for sending my favourite out for this review. I just LOVE this green shade! Should I admit I have a problem..? hmm nah....but onto the review!

I admit, weirdest angle ever, but looook at the colours!
First I like the round bottle, it shows off the holographic effect quite well and the holographic effect is amazing! Secondly, the holographic effect didn't wash out the colour, a major plus for me, although not as green as in the press release picture, it wasn't as washed out as the Color clubs! Thirdly, it goes on smoother and has less drag than most holos. Fourthly, it dries to the touch in about a minute. Lastly, the wear is a bit better than normal holographic polishes, lasting about 4 days before I noticed major chipping. This was without topcoat (& with my crappy nails)!

I took alot more pictures of the bottle than on my nails, saving you guys!!! I know my cuticles are going ragged again! :( 
My camera was able to catch the holographic effect really well even without having to use flash but unfortunately because of the effect, the colour is a *bit* washed out, it's a smidge greener in real life. 

Okay, let's say it together.... OooOhh, AhhHhh...mazing.

against the sun

w/ flash
natural light

Made it extra big to see all the details <3 
Was there enough bottle shots to show off it's holo-y goodness? :P

brush: average nice brush :)
effect is just as good on the nail ;)
For swatches, I used 2 coats Essie's Grow Faster as base + 2 coats FACE Stockholm's Thea. Although due to it's super holo effect, one coat could probably suffice for a quick mani, but because I had to take pictures against the sun, I took the safe route and did two. 
Make sure you give it adequate drying time to prevent dragging when applying the next coat. These hardly drag but no one wants bald spots!

natural light

against sun w/ flash (accident) but it turned out great hehe..


close up 

I did a short comparison with FACE Stockholm's Thea and Color Club's Angel Kiss. The holographic is pretty much the same but Thea's colour payoff is a bit better than Angel Kiss. I have not tested wear yet for Angel Kiss. 

A washed out picture but note the similar holo effect :)
Left: Thea                   Right: Angel Kiss 
shot of the underneath, note Thea (FS) is a tad darker in colour.

size: 14.2 ml / 0.5 fl. oz
$16 each
Available at all FACE Stockholm stores and

Stay Happy!


***This product was sent to me for review. Opinions were not affected in this post.***


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. FACE Stockholm originated from Sweden, created by Gun Nowak and her daughter Martina Arfwidson,. :)
      - Mir

  2. Replies
    1. I know! I cannot wait to check out the other colours :)

  3. Ooh so pretty! What is wrong with your nails? I see perfect nails! I dont know how to properly tend to my cuticles.. maybe you should do a post about it! I have so many hang nails and ugh my cuticles are ugly lol.

    1. haha thanks Michelle!! I broke them so they're super short :(
      and my cuticles aren't that well taken care of but I'll definitely send over some tips for you to try!!