Friday 17 May 2013

Indie Spotlight: Indie Polish

Recently I bought some polishes off Etsy from Tanya of Indie Polish (etsy || facebook). I purchased the multi-pack of 3 mini polishes for $13usd/$13.50cdn, shipping included. As a Canadian indie lover I usually feel left out because the shipping costs to Canada are so outrageous they sometimes cost more than the polish itself. So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was to discover Indie Polish, especially when the multi pack I purchased already had shipping costs worked into the price. Since Indie Polish is from Toronto as well I received my well packaged polishes in less than a weeks time and was very happy with the service and products. Here were my choices:

L-R: Finding Nemo, Gentle...It's My First Time, Finding Dory

Check out some swatches!

Gentle...It's My First Time: This is the first polish I own with neon glitter and I absolutely love it! The light blue base has an iridescent shine to it that looks both delicate and dainty. The polish is loaded on a rainbow of matte glitters. From the bottle shot you can see a variety of neon green, pink, blue, yellow and purple hex glitters and white square glitters. The polish is sheer so in my swatches I used 3 thick layers with no topcoat but it would also look fantastic over a similar base colour. Like all polishes with large glitters, I had to fish for some of the bigger sized glitters and dab them onto the nail to ensure there were no empty patches on the nail. Takes a bit of work but totally worth it. As the name suggests, if you are new to indie polishes this one would be a great one to try first. The neon glitters are right on trend and the light blue base is gorgeous.

Finding Dory: To the eye it looks green but upon closer inspection you'll see that this beauty is a mix of neon blue and neon yellow microglitter. This polish was named by Tanya's son after Dory from the movie Finding Nemo. If you've seen the movie before you'll know that Dory the fish is blue and yellow, just like this polish! In my swatches I used China Glaze - Def Defying as a base and 2 coats of Finding Dory on top. Even without a base colour this polish can provide opacity with 3 coats. I did not use a top coat, but like most glitter polishes a topcoat can help even out the grittiness from the glitter. Again, the formula was great and every brush stroke was jam packed with glitter. Tanya really didn't skimp out on glitter with this one!

Base colour of China Glaze - Def Defying used

Finding Nemo: Another adorabley named polish by the maker's son. Finding Nemo is named after none other than the main star from the movie. It is composed of matte blue and regular shiny orange microglitter. This polish is so generous in glitter you can achieve opacity with 2-3 thick coats. The polish does dry to a gritty finish but nothing that can't be fixed with topcoat. However, I did not use topcoat in my swatches. On my thumb I swatched 2 thin layers over Revlon - Black Magic. This polish looks great on its own or as a topper. This polish reminds me of the cool toned version of Finding Dory.

Indie Polish recently released a vintage spring line of pastel polishes as well as a variety of neon glitters and assorted topcoats, definitely worth checking out!

Indie polish also offers a special for bloggers, 50% of your purchase amount will be refunded to you when you submit a swatch from a blog post featuring her product.

Edit to add: Tanya frequently has flash sales with coupon codes for discounts up to 50% off from time to time so be sure to like her facebook to be informed so you don't miss out!

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*Polishes were purchased by me, opinions are my own*


  1. I have put off buying indie polishes because of the crazy shipping fees!! I may just have to check indie polish!!

    1. No worries Ashley, your comment was clear :) I'm usually on the hunt for indie brands that offer reasonable shipping, it really sucks that it costs so much to send things to/from Canada.


  2. Hmm I agree, indie polishes in general are so expensive, but I might check it out because of the discount!

    1. when i said indie polishes i meant indie polishes in general not this shop particularly.. their shipping cost are reasonable and i think i am gonna pick up one of these if not two :P heh -_- Sorry! My original comment may have come across wrong!

    2. It's usually the shipping costs that deters me from purchasing indie brands. I wouldn't mind paying $9-10 for the polish but when shipping costs as much as the bottle of polish I'm put off.